Year Richard P. Stucky Award Barbara P. Chamberlain Award Hall of Fame Award
2013 Mark Roddy Kim Vincent Barb Chamberlain
2012 Russ Killingsworth
2011 Anton Jackson Barb Anderson
2010 Brad Beal Kristine Lindeblad Bob Robinson, Ron Donavan, & Eldon Egbers
2009 Patrick Paris Joyce Stevens
2008 Jack Beal Virginia Warfield
2007 Jerry Johnson Beverly Nietzel Harold Hansberry, Jim Prekeges, & Wayne Peterson
2006 Bob Robinson Donna Buck
2005 Dr. Jim King Sarah Callow & Elly Claus McGahan
2004 Jim Miller Glenda Blankenship Royal Penewell & John Firkins

Richard P. Stucky Award & Barbara P. Chamberlain Award

These awards are given each year to an outstanding male/female mathematics educator who is a member of the Washington State Mathematics Council. He/she must be nominated by members of WSMC to the Awards Committee and selected by the committee. The nominee should be an outstanding promoter of mathematics who is making a difference in student learning of mathematics, either directly or through the training of mathematic educators. All levels of educators would be eligible for the award. Teachers and district, ESD, & OSPI personnel should be considered.

Hall of Fame Award

This award is given to honor an outstanding contributor to the field of mathematics education. The awardee is an individual who has given his/her time and effort over a long period of time (ten years or more). The award may also be given posthumously. This award(s) when given will be presented at the NW Mathematics Conference when held in Washington.

Nomination Process

Deadlines: Nominations for awards for the current year must be received by March 15th, 2017.
Nomination Form: Complete the Online Award Nomination Form OR fill out and mail in the Award Nomination Cover Page, including a letter supporting your candidate for an indicated award. The letter needs to provide specific and detailed information about the nominee’s activities as they relate to any of the following areas:

  • Demonstrations of excellence and/or creativity in mathematics education.
  • Specific contributions to mathematics education in the schools, region, state, or nation.
  • Demonstrations of leadership in mathematics education in the schools, region, state, or nation.
  • Support of and contribution to the activities of WSMC.
  • Contribution to the development of students both within and outside of the classroom.